For Multifamily Acquisitions, A Big Year Ahead

Posted by David Luebke on Dec 16, 2020
Heads up: In 2021, the Multifamily Acquisition market will be surging.
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In and Out: Current Migration in Context with Value-Add Multifamily

Posted by Travis Farese on Nov 11, 2020
The stream of stories about people leaving population hubs such as big cities in California have a point... but they fall short of a more complicated reality.    
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Multifamily Investment: It’s All About the Fundamentals

Posted by Travis Farese on Nov 10, 2020
As the old adage holds, investment is about fundamentals—and there’s nothing more fundamental than home. That’s why the data we have about multifamily assets around the country represent a key indicator of economic recovery.
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Rent Growth, Rent Fall: A Tale of Two (Kinds of) Cities

Posted by David Luebke on Oct 19, 2020
Question: When it comes to rent, what does the following list represent? 1. Tacoma, WA 2. Boise, ID 3. Colorado Springs, CO 4. Wilmington, NC 5. Lexington, KY
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