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Acquisitions At Offerd

Want to focus on the investment side? Tired of just looking for, and competing for, listings? At Offerd we believe that the other side is entirely underserved and focus entirely on Acquisitions. We're an Acquisitions Firm. We work with larger, qualified, respected, active, Multifamily Investment Firms across the country as an extension of their acquisitions team. We provide you with expert training, and an entire platform, enabling you to effectively execute Sourcing Campaigns on behalf of these Investors, our clients. We get appropriate sourcing fees. You earn attractive splits and monthly retainers. You work from anywhere. Offerd is a fast-growing technology-oriented firm doing things no one else has done in our industry. If you're interested in doing Acquisitions at Offerd, drop us a line below.

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Our Company Values

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First principal thinking
Not taking things at face value
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Leads to better outcomes
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It's just good business
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Testing in the face of uncertainty
Speed over certainty
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Anything worth doing is worth over doing
Basically be engaged... it's fun

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