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Offerd Direct

Targeted off-market acquisition campaigns for your firm

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Offerd Marketplace

10X your deal flow - Off or On-Market


Offerd Research

Evaluate any deal or any market from your desk 

Offerd Direct

Targeted Acquisitions as a Service 

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Filter by criteria or AI indicators to find properties and markets. 

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Deploy Offerd's deal sourcing engine and 10X your evaluation to close ratio

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Congrats! Now onto the next one...

Offerd Marketplace

Targeted Acquisitions as a Service

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The largest amount of marketed inventory in the industry deeply enriched and easily searchable. Using our value add, valuation and dozens of other filters, screen for assets that actually fit your criteria and win more marketed deals.

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For buyers, find off-market deals not available anywhere else. For sellers, get exposure to top operators directly while protecting critical data and avoiding sell side fees - no strings attached.

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Digital OM

Who needs an OM when you have access to the data. With access to a library of over 10,000 visually rich data  layers rapidly evaluate the asset and market with greater transparency and efficiency. 

Offerd Research

Deep market analytics and demographics- combine your data with ours to gain deeper market insights. Build your own treasure maps. 

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Access a rich data library of thousands of sources and layer one on-top of the other to build a treasure map of market insight at the national, MSA, submarket or block level. 

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Dig into the property specific data, inspect comps and quickly crunch un-imaginable amounts of data with ease.

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Combined with Offerd's Acquisition Solutions turn insights into closed deals.