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Source available deals from the largest private marketplace of multifamily deals in the industry. Looking for proprietary deal flow? Leverage Offerd's off-market sourcing services to target assets which meet your precise acquisition strategy.


10X your ability to evaluate deals. Take a digital tour, analyze the submarket and get a full financial underwriting all at the click of a button.


Armed with data, analysis and guided by a team of Acquisition Professionals most familiar with the market make offers at scale and with confidence.

Offerd Dispositions

Sell with precision within our private marketplace of top multifamily investors. No fees, no listing agreements, no hassle. Want to market your asset more broadly? Offerd's technology and team markets your asset with greater exposure, better coordination, better client experience and better results for a fraction of the cost.

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With just a T12 and Rent Roll, Offerd will provide you with a valuation estimate within 48 hours and if there is currently demand within our private marketplace for the asset.

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With a full financial underwriting complete, Offerd will give you detailed feedback on the possible range of Offers to be expected.

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Either from our private marketplace or through our listing team, Offerd steamlines and simplifies the process of getting you the best offer to meet the unique needs of your investment situation.

Equity & Debt Solutions

Offerd makes equity and debt solutions available to our clients. Our capital markets team provides guidance on structuring the optimal capital stack for each deal with best-available terms to help you close more deals.

Offerd Analytics

The most powerful and visually rich research application in the industry, Offerd built the application it wanted internally and then made it available to our clients.

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Intersect thousands of demographic and market trends with property specific information to visualize any market from any perspective.


Zoom in an any asset or any submarket. Crunch comps, visualize population changes and take your analysis to the next level.


Turn those market insights into action by exploring new markets and new deals within our marketplace or by leveraging our acquisition or disposition services.

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Real AI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Real AI Technologies, dba Offerd, is a licensed brokerage in the state of Texas.