Atlanta Takes the Lead as Most Desired City for Renters

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May 2, 2023

April's rankings from revealed Atlanta as the most desired city for renters, with Kansas City, Albuquerque, Detroit, and New York City rounding out the top five. These cities offer an enticing blend of affordability, job opportunities, and entertainment options that attract a diverse range of renters.

Atlanta's thriving tech scene, beautiful green spaces, and rich cultural heritage make it a sought-after location. Kansas City boasts renowned barbecue, affordable living, and a growing tech industry, while Albuquerque's population growth, outdoor activities, and expanding entertainment sector contribute to its appeal.

Detroit's impressive 84-spot climb highlights the city's ongoing revitalization, with multiple billion-dollar construction projects, small business growth, and revived lifestyle options. Renting is fast becoming the new buying, as high home prices and a competitive spring market push more people to seek rental properties.

Other notable cities in the top 30 include Durham, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago, each offering unique attractions and opportunities for renters.

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