Announcing Kari Repka as Offerd's First Director of Talent Acquisitions

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Nicole Cobb


May 21, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Kari Repka to the position of Director of Talent Acquisitions at Offerd. Kari’s extensive experience and exceptional skills in real estate make her the perfect fit for this new role, where she will lead our efforts to identify and attract top professionals in the industry.

Kari's Journey in Real Estate

Kari's career in real estate began in the highly competitive commercial market of San Francisco. Here, she quickly made a name for herself, demonstrating her prowess in negotiating offers, marketing listings, and representing clients with utmost dedication. A significant highlight of her early career was her instrumental role in launching FOCUS Innovation Studio, a cutting-edge co-working space. This venture allowed her to fine-tune her abilities in a fast-paced and innovative environment.

Upon relocating to Texas, Kari shifted her focus to Multifamily Investment Sales. She excelled in building strong broker relationships and showcased her expertise in managing both acquisitions and dispositions. Her strategic approach and comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics have been pivotal in her success.

Director of Talent Acquisitions

In her new role as Director of Talent Acquisitions, Kari leverages her broad experience in real estate and her sharp eye for identifying talent to connect the right professionals with the right opportunities. Her background in competitive markets, coupled with her strategic client representation skills, equips her uniquely to drive our talent acquisition efforts. Kari’s proficiency in negotiation, marketing, and relationship-building ensures she will excel in this capacity.

About Offerd

Offerd integrates powerful technology, data intelligence, and custom services into one innovative and comprehensive multifamily transactions platform. Based in Austin, Texas, our AI-driven systems empower multifamily professionals to more effectively and efficiently implement their strategies, develop capital stacks, and research, identify, and negotiate multifamily property deals. We work with larger, qualified, respected, and active multifamily investment firms across the country as an extension of their strategic teams.

Looking Ahead

We are confident that Kari’s leadership will greatly enhance our talent acquisition strategies, enabling us to attract and retain the best professionals in the industry. Please join us in congratulating Kari Repka on her well-deserved promotion. We look forward to the significant contributions she will continue to make at Offerd.


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