Offerd Announces the Launch of Its Rescue Capital Program, Providing Vital Support for Multifamily Property Owners Amid Financial Challenges

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October 27, 2023

Offerd, renowned for its innovative solutions in the multifamily sector, has unveiled its Rescue Capital Program, a lifeline for multifamily property owners grappling with the financial turbulence of the past 18 months. This initiative is a response to the growing distress in the industry due to soaring interest rates, stagnating rent growth, and a general market retrenchment, which have collectively impacted properties acquired with floating rate debt.

"The recent economic landscape has been unrelenting for multifamily property owners," said Travis Farese, CEO and Founder at Offerd. "We've witnessed firsthand the strain that escalating costs and market unpredictability have placed on operators. Our Rescue Capital Program is a beacon of support, offering robust solutions for recapitalization to navigate these challenging times."

Rescue Capital Program: A Lifeline in Uncertain Times

Offerd's tailored program extends a comprehensive suite of services, focusing on the restructuring of debt and equity to stabilize property finances. The program includes:

New Debt Assistance: Offerd’s team will assess your current financial structures and secure new, more favorable debt arrangements that align with your long-term objectives.

Equity Recapitalization: For cases requiring immediate 'rescue capital,' Offerd will facilitate connections with new equity investors, including Preferred Equity, Mezzanine, or JV/LP Equity arrangements. This service is offered at no additional cost when paired with Offerd’s debt solutions.

Transparent Fee Structure: Clients can expect a clear, competitive fee framework based on the transaction size, ensuring utmost transparency and integrity in every interaction.

"It's essential to understand that our equity assistance isn't an isolated service — it's a cornerstone of our comprehensive approach," Travis Farese explained. "We manage the debt component to ensure a seamless, integrated process between debt and equity, enhancing efficiency and outcomes."

Offerd's commitment is not merely transactional; it's deeply relational. The company's team of experts is ready to guide clients through each step of the recapitalization process, ensuring not just recovery, but renewed resilience and strength for their property portfolios.

For more detailed information on the Rescue Capital Program and to explore how Offerd can assist in your property’s financial rejuvenation, please contact us at 512-234-3394 or via email at


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