Dispositions Reimagined

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Travis Farese


April 13, 2023

Offerd has recently transitioned from a specialized acquisitions and analytics platform to a comprehensive, digital multifamily brokerage and advisory firm, now called "brokerage reimagined." Our updated website showcases this change.

We now offer assistance with your disposition strategy, in addition to acquisitions and capital market needs. Offerd provides a variety of distinct disposition strategies, from a fully private, no-fee process for sellers to a full public process for maximum market exposure:

1. Private Process - List at no charge, gaining exposure to top buyers in our private marketplace.

2. Semi-Private Process - Utilize a semi-private approach, targeting the 100 most likely buyers using our AI-driven database and a suite of digital marketing tools such as digital 3D tours. Physical property tours are held off until initial price discovery has been completed.

3. Full Public Process - Expose your property to the entire market, focusing on the most probable buyers. Physical property tours are also held off until initial price discovery has been completed.

Offerd serves as a multifaceted transactional platform and advisory firm for multifamily operators, addressing more than just acquisitions. In the intricate landscape of modern multifamily business, we help you strike the right balance between buying and selling, borrowing, and spending, using data to make informed decisions.

Leveraging our extensive data, proprietary analytics, and expertise in buying, selling, capital markets, and analysis, we aim to be a well-rounded partner for your entire business.


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