Multifamily Broker Benefits: Moving to the Principal Side

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Travis Farese


January 20, 2021

The world of the multifamily real estate broker can be exhilarating and unforgiving. Even in thriving environments it’s a roller coaster; in a down market, it’s brutal.

The year just past was undeniably down. Although the multifamily market has weathered the storm better than most comparable sectors, the challenges are real and ongoing. That’s particularly true for the brokerage community, which thrives on transaction volume. And in 2021, according to CBRE, that volume won’t come close to pre-Covid highs. However, the primary beneficiaries of brokers’ services—multifamily property sellers—continue to fare well.

In other words, limited inventory ensures that competition for listings will continue to be fierce. Meanwhile, demand is stronger than ever, yet there’s a clear shortage of service providers on the buyside, in part because operators have traditionally kept the acquisition function in house.

But now, with the emergence of Multifamily Acquisitions Services (MAS), there’s a new path for professionals to stretch their boundaries. Many brokers want to grow their base of activities—more listings, more services, more deals. This may be the time to make that happen.

So, here’s an option: Consider joining a Multifamily Acquisitions Services provider. In fact, consider joining Offerd.

It’s the perfect opportunity to build on core elements of the multifamily investment business. Go deep into investor priorities and mechanics, play a key role in closing deals, remain involved post-closing and drive value throughout. Become actual partners with the best owners in the business—investors growing multifamily portfolios throughout the country.

You join a growing team of skilled professionals who blend market research, domain expertise, sophisticated data analysis, negotiating prowess and far-flung connections on a unique acquisitions platform. You tap into Offerd’s technology and 10,000-plus data points at the national, market, sub-market, and property levels. You cast a wide but targeted net for the best assets—the nation is your neighborhood—and have the credibility to convince investors to consider regions and properties rich with opportunity.

The Offerd platform allows every Acquisitions Executive to manage multiple clients and deliver more with each. There’s less competition and more collaboration—a clear break from the constant chase for listings, and the feast-or-famine conditions so fundamental to the industry. You develop a consistent source of income through retainers and uncapped earning potential through a stream of fees for sourcing and closing deals—success fees greater than on the sell side, and potentially more rewarding.


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