Big Changes to the Offerd Platform

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Travis Farese


May 16, 2022

Technology isn’t static. Any company that relies on technology as a competitive differentiator, and is still using the same solutions and strategies as it did even two years ago, is doing it wrong. The whole point of this dynamic environment is that there’s always something new in the pipeline: new products to broaden the services portfolio, new extensions to existing capabilities to expand into new markets, and so on. Staying in place means going backwards.

At Offerd, we always go forward. And it’s why we just formally announced a series of major upgrades to our platform.

As our extended community knows, the Offerd platform is one of a kind: The technology features massive volumes of data displayed in an intuitive and visually rich environment, and enables investors to draw a line from that mass on information to specific properties that best meet their criteria. In a business where search, negotiation and transaction process can take many months—and only a few deals actually go through—Offerd’s mix of technology and services slashes the resources required, and delivers a much higher hit rate.

The latest upgrades go further than ever in delivering these benefits. The new features include expanded research capabilities, seamless communications to optimize active strategies, and enhanced visibility into ongoing campaigns.

Of course, no technology works in a vacuum—each tool is only as good as the value it brings to the marketplace as it now exists, and the services it enables. Offerd meets those priorities perfectly.

The multifamily market has made it through the pandemic with undeniable resilience, and there are great opportunities for investors in every demographic. However, nearly half of all multifamily acquisitions are still made by the same few investors, and for one simple reason—they have strong acquisition capabilities in-house.

Offerd flips that equation. The Acquisitions-as-a-Service model gives investors of all sizes the same level of sourcing, research, marketing, negotiation, transaction and remodel capabilities that are otherwise available only to the largest multifamily operators. This is about facilitating deal flow: We deliver integrated services that go deep into the market for off-market properties (which now covers half the multifamily sector), identify prospects fitting specified parameters, conduct research, commence negotiations, facilitate due diligence and financing, and accelerate closing.

The Offerd platform features a database with 100,000 multifamily properties around the country, most of them off-market. It includes rich algorithms, data and demographics that encompass rents, valuations, likelihood to transact, occupancy rates, demographic shifts, neighborhood incomes, population forecasts, educational levels and more. There’s specific data in 10,000-plus categories, combined with proprietary analytics and software, to evaluate historical, current and forecasted national, market, sub-market and property-level facts and trends.

This is what business in the digital era is all about. Offerd services blend technology, proprietary information, market expertise and a nationwide network of contacts to execute targeted sourcing campaigns customized to meet each partner’s specific acquisition strategies. It cuts costs, saves time, and delivers deals.

Again, all good technologies need keep getting better. Like all good companies, we’ll keep innovating, come up with new solutions and services, and reach into new markets. But we’re proud to say the latest upgrades represent a great leap forward.


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