Offerd Unveils a Groundbreaking Suite of New Products and Services, Transforming Multifamily Acquisitions

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October 18, 2023

Offerd, an industry-leading technology, services, and brokerage firm specializing in the multifamily sector, has announced the launch of an innovative range of products and services designed to redefine the multifamily acquisitions landscape. This comprehensive end-to-end platform is geared towards helping national investors streamline acquisitions, maximize returns on investment (ROI), and achieve unparalleled results.

"Our mission at Offerd is to revolutionize the multifamily acquisitions process. With our new suite of services, we're not just improving the experience for investors, we're setting a new industry standard," said Travis Farese, CEO and Founder of Offerd. "We've integrated cutting-edge technology and expert human insight to create a platform that delivers superior results, minimizes fixed expenses, and enhances ROI for all our clients."

Sourcing: Empowering Investors to Forge Successful Deals

Offerd's proprietary software transforms data into valuable, actionable insights, enabling investors to identify off-market properties perfectly matching their criteria. Supported by a national team of seasoned VPs, clients can confidently navigate the multifamily market, bringing lucrative opportunities to the forefront.

Underwriting: Expert Guidance for Confident Investment

Offerd's platform goes beyond traditional services, offering expert analysis within 48 hours upon uploading a T12 and rent roll. The company enhances this offering with local market intelligence, sourcing services for property tours, ground intelligence gathering, and strategic offer placement, ensuring investors make informed, confident decisions.

Marketplace: A World of Exclusive Opportunities

Clients gain access to Offerd's expansive database, searchable by various physical or demographic dimensions. This resource boasts the largest inventory of marketed and off-market deals, providing early access to an exclusive flow of off-market opportunities.

Data and Analytics: Harnessing National Data for Strategic Investment

Offerd provides comprehensive rental, occupancy, sales, and property-level data across 140+ markets, encompassing over 140,000 properties. Visual demographic data aids investors in crafting data-driven strategies and making informed decisions.

AI: The Future of Data Analysis

The introduction of Offerd's AI Data Analyst marks a transformative moment in the multifamily sector. Clients can now use natural language to execute complex data queries across various markets and properties, merging technology and human insight in a groundbreaking way.

At its core, Offerd's latest suite of products and services embodies the company's commitment to innovation, client success, and industry leadership. By converging technology, data, and expert services, Offerd is not just a part of the multifamily investment industry — it's leading its evolution.

For more information about Offerd's new products and services, please contact Regina Voarino at 512-298-1776 or via email at


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